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KPUD Hourly Rain Data  
Select rain gage below to view yearly summary list.  Select from yearly summary list for hourly data. Records will list below chart or can be downloaded to Excel file via button on right.  Hourly records represent total rain collected during given hour (Example:  2:00 total is all rain collected between 2:00 and 2:59)
Rainfall records represent a point sampling of rainfall amounts. Topography and local conditions can cause nearby sites to accumulate different amounts of rain over a period. The accuracy of our records is assured by regular maintenance and calibration o f the equipment. Where equipment failure creates a gap in the record, the missing period is estimated with data from nearby rain gages or volunteer observers.
Precipitation is generally measured with a tipping bucket rain gage.  Ice and snow accumulations in the rain gage are not measured until they melt.  Precipitation from snow is not measured accurately.
Hourly Records for Selected Water Year